Saturday, October 29, 2005


Hi!, i would like to present to you my BEAUTIFUL disco ducks-these are just a few of them.....
they come in various sizes and styles (it all depends on what ducks i can get hold of). They are covered in mirror tiles, i have a few colours and the male ones have a medallion and the ladies have a necklace and star in hair. Then of course their afro hair....
i have received great feedback from these and have been asked if people want one how do they get hold them: well if you are interested in anything i make then you can email me at:
with the punk ones in particular if there is a certain colour/style you want just ask and i will see what i can do, the alternative is to keep an eye out on ebay too.

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leesimmons said...

These are the best ducks, no offense to the other ones but these are fantastic. I would love to run into them in full swing on a Saturday night, though have a feeling they might out bling the rest of us.
Love the one with silver hair, defo. something to aspire to.
Thanks Em for the entertainment, talk soon I hope.
Lee x